Tuesday, December 31, 2013


▲ 1. 6th January 2013. It's all started with me asking my photography sifu and friend, Azman Samsuri on how to forward our photographs into the local magazines. His photos have been featured many times during that period and still are. The conversation happened while we were riding home from Sungai Layang after the sunrise photoshoot. ©2013 WakGelas™ ©2013 WakGelas™

To see more photos collection from early of the year, pPlease click:

▲ 2. 12th January 2013. I completed my own Project 50:- 50 days, 50 photos with a 50mm lens. ©2013 WakGelas™

▲ 3. 21st January 2013. I joined for the first photography contest and won the second place with RM2000 cash, trophies and certificate. After looking back, I think this is the only major contest I won the biggest rewards so far. ©2013 WakGelas™

▲ 4. 25th January 2013. I visited Bandung and Jakarta with myQueen and two of her officemates. Looking back, unlike the previous year (2012), this is the only time I travelled overseas for leisure and sight-seeing. ©2013 WakGelas™

▲ 5. 16th February 2013. My first photograph was featured in Dunia Kamera. This is my very first photograph that was selected for the local photography magazines. I was honored and pleased. ©2013 WakGelas™

▲ 6. 23rd February 2013. I joined Nikon Club Photo Challenge activities in Johor Bahru. This was my first time joining the photography club. Although my team and I didn't win any prizes, our experience in the activities were full of fun and we enjoyed it very much. ©2013 WakGelas™

▲ 7. 16th March 2013. For the second time I entered photography contests and won two prizes for the second and third places. ©2013 WakGelas™

▲ 8. 25th March 2013. I joined Nikon Club Photo Search in Kuantan. ©2013 WakGelas™

▲ 9. 15th April 2013. I joined Nikon Club Photo Outing in Penang. ©2013 WakGelas™

▲ 10. 3rd May 2013. Prize giving ceremony at PWTC for winning the consolation prize on the Gen-Q magazine contest. ©2013 WakGelas™

▲ 11. 12th May 2013. I joined Nikon Club Kuching for Photo Search. ©2013 WakGelas™

▲ 12. 5th June 2013. I won the third place in Mall of Medini Photography contest. The contest was based on the highest score in Facebook wall. ©2013 WakGelas™

▲ 13. 12th June 2013. I flew to Sandakan (Sabah) to join Nikon Club Get Together activities at Rainforest Discovery Center in Sepilok. ©2013 WakGelas™

▲ 14. 16th June 2013. My photography of my youngest son, Yaasir, was featured on Fotografika magazine and won the bi-monthly magazine contest. I got one year of the magazine subscription. ©2013 WakGelas™

▲ 15. 19th June 2013. The prize giving ceremony was featured in the Gen-Q magazine. ©2013 WakGelas™

▲ 16. 19th June 2013. Me receiving the consolation prize plague from the organizer, Miss Rozekruzaini in Skudai. The photography contest was conducted during the UTM International Johor Horse Show 2013. ©2013 WakGelas™

▲ 17. 9th July 2013. I received the Certificate of Merit from US Embassy (Kuala Lumpur) for submitting my photography to the 'Celebrating Women's Achievements' contest. ©2013 WakGelas™

▲ 18. 13th July 2013. My photograph won 'Cabaran DK' in Dunia Kamera magazine. Hence, I won a new Bumblebee backpack. ©2013 WakGelas™

▲ 19. 17th July 2013. I won the first dslr camera (Canon 650D) from Energizer Malaysia contest. Subsequently I won another 2 more dslr cameras on the same contest. ©2013 WakGelas™

▲ 20. 21st July 2013. I won another consolation prize on Raja Zarith Sofea Awards photography contest. ©2013 WakGelas™

▲ 21. 27th July 2013. Another consolation prize was meant for me. Malaysian Timber Industry Board Photography Competition. ©2013 WakGelas™

▲ 22. 30th July 2013. 'Our Only Moon' taken using the observatory lens at Balai Cerap al-Khawarizmi Melaka was fully featured (2 pages) on Digital SLR Photography Magazine, August 2013 issue. Later months, the same moon was also featured again in DCM (Aug), Aperture (Dec) and Dunia Kamera (Dec) magazines respectfully. ©2013 WakGelas™

▲ 23. 6th August 2013. Another consolation prize winner on Jejak Warisan Taiping photography contest. Until now I still dont know which of my submitted photos were selected. ©2013 WakGelas™

▲ 24. 14th August 2013. Energizer Malaysia conducted another contest on its Energizer Max brand. They offering cash prizes up to RM500,000 cash. Hence, I entered the contest and won the weekly prizes. ©2013 WakGelas™

▲ 25. 15th August 2013. For the first time, I submitted my photographs to Dunia Kamera magazine as an article and got featured under the Projek Infiniti segment. ©2013 WakGelas™

▲ 26. 1st September 2013. My older daughter and I joined the Artgeng Exhibition in Bastion House, Malacca. They promised to sell everything on display and yet until now I have got no news from them. ©2013 WakGelas™

▲ 27. 4th September 2013. For the first time I won Apple iPad mini in the contest. I received the prize from Mr Ho of Permanis Sandilands office. This is for joining the Shell Select Peraduan Riang Ria bersama Lipton Tea contest. ©2013 WakGelas™

▲ 28. 29th September 2013. I won a second place in Sungai Klang River of Life photography contest. I won a Nikon coolpix S01 and sold the compact camera to my friend before he went for hajj this year. ©2013 WakGelas™

▲ 29. 17th October 2013. Another small photography project appeared in Dunia Kamera's Projek Infiniti segment. This month, my second photography article of 'Family Album' featured. ©2013 WakGelas™

▲ 30. 22nd October 2013. My daughter as a proxy won a lucky draw in Cocoaland Lot100 Sms & Win Contest. ©2013 WakGelas™

▲ 31. 28th October 2013. As part of the 'Ekspedisi Puncak Asean' adventure, I managed to conquer Bukit Broga Hill and Bukit Saga Hill in one morning. ©2013 WakGelas™

▲ 32. 31st October 2013. I won my second Apple iPad mini on Cabaran So Creamy Nescafe. On this contest, actually I won two Apple iPad minis. ©2013 WakGelas™

▲ 33. 8th November 2013. Another winning contest for grabbing four Fujifilm Instax cameras in Peraduan Cool wins. However, it's just a consolation prize. ©2013 WakGelas™

▲ 34. 9th November 2013. I won a new Samsung Galaxy S III mini for consolation prize in Peraduan Kira & Menang di from Permanis.

▲ 35. 12th November 2013. Being proud father to my oldest son who has just graduated from Unimas Sarawak. ©2013 WakGelas™

▲ 36. 19th November 2013. For the first time ever, I climbed a mountain called Gunung Ledang which was part of my 'Ekspedisi Puncak Asean' training activities. ©2013 WakGelas™

▲ 37. 24th November 2013. Being proud father to my youngest son who has just graduated from Tadika Matahari kindergarden and he made a hat-trick by receiving his third excellent trophy for three years in a row. ©2013 WakGelas™

▲ 38. 29th November 2013. Being informed that I won four prizes offered by Coca Cola Malaysia in the recently held contest. ©2013 WakGelas™

▲ 39. 2nd December 2013. I managed to conquer Bukit Datuk in Rembau as part of my 'Ekspedisi Puncak Asean' training.

▲ 40. 20th December 2013. My last collections of photography featured in Dunia Kamera photography magazine. I decided not to continue this local photography magazine project for next year. ©2013 WakGelas™

▲ 41. 17th - 29th December 2013. After 2 years, I visited again the holy cities of Mekah and Madinah. And this concludes my activities for the year of 2013. Alhamdulillah. ©2013 WakGelas™


  1. tahun yg penuh warna warni...penuh dgn kejayaan..semoga terus berulang ditahun hadapan..

    1. amin kak ❤Kamsiah❤ tuu., timekaseh jugakk.,ahhKs

  2. Hoyeeeeeeeeeeee....dah boleh komen...baru rasa bersinar sikit....Ahlhamduilillah WAk..thun 2013 byk perkara baik yang belaku dan byk kejayaan yg di terima..Smoga thn baru lebih bersinar..Aminnn

    1. aminn jugakk., timekaseh ye cik JM yg jelitt tuuu ;-p

  3. Banyak hadiah wak...boleh buka kedai...tahniah...moga tahun baru dapat lebih lagi

    1. xlah banyak maner bang., orglen lagik berjuta2 lemons dpt hadiah yee., uHUUuuu aminn

  4. Replies
    1. aminn., ojo sentap2 selalu yo mbakyu wak kuwii., kehh

  5. 2013 yang penuh dengan warna-warni. Tahniah, moga Wak terus success :)

    1. timekaseh atas doa itu ye cik kak sudip.., ;-p

  6. Alhamdulillah...perjalanan hidup yg sangat berwarna-warni moga kejayaan sentiasa bersama Wak.

  7. tahniah for everything. alhamdulillah.

  8. hebat wak,,, like like all pics..semoga tahun 2014 tambah berjaya ya wak.

    1. in sha Allah.. amin ya robbal alaminn.., timekaseh mak capucino tuuu

  9. Wahhhh, 2013 yang...indah indah belaka...moga 2014, membawa lebih keindahan...salam 2014!

  10. Cantik gambar2 yang wak ambil..slmt thn baru wak :)

    1. timekasehla sukak gmbr2 wak tuu., salam tahun baru jugakk.., ;-p

  11. wahhh.... banyak rezki wak ek tahun ni...
    moga tahun depan bertambah murah rezki wak....

  12. tahniah... 2013 yang penuh kejayaan....

    cuba capture sunrise di puncak gunung datuk... subhanallah..... mmg cantik! sy capture dlm hati sj... :D

    1. puncak gunung datuk wak dh sampey yee., tapi x tangkep sunrise tapii., iHHkss

  13. alhamdulillah, tahniah wak..
    what a wonderful year!!

  14. wah..kenangan terindah..
    semua pic awesome...
    nanti wak dtg kemaman ambik pic sy sefamily ye..?heheh

    selamat tahun baru wak

  15. salam wak..

    alhamdulillah..pencapaian yg membanggakan :)
    saye cemburuuuu.. hihi

    proud of your achievement :)
    tahniah wak ❤

  16. What a year!
    Many many congratulations and wishing you all the best that this year can offer, bro WakGelas.

    Happy new year from Kota Kinabalu.



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